Examinations Under Oath “EUO”

An Examination Under Oath, or “EUO”, is an examination of an auto accident victim that is compelled by their insurance company. An EUO is similar to a deposition in that the victim is required to testify under oath, however there is no cross examination. EUOs are conducted by investigators or defense council for the insurance company. The accident victim, who is insured by the insurance company, must appear and answer questions.  Failure to appear can result in no coverage and no personal injury protection benefits under their policy. The questions that are asked must relate to relevant information.  Examinations Under Oath are typically used to qualify an omnibus insured for coverage, disqualify a named insured by discovering a misrepresentation made at the time of the application, or sometimes to determine if fraud has been committed.  If you have an examination under oath schedule you should attend and contact your lawyer.  If you do not have a lawyer, give us a call toll free 844-529-8444.

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