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What Auto Insurance do you need in Florida?

What Auto Insurance do you need in Florida? Personal Injury Protection Personal injury protection or PIP is required for every policy holder in the State of Florida. If a policy holder is involved in an accident, PIP covers 80% of their medical costs and 60% of their...

Emergency Medical Providers

Emergency Medical Providers Key to not being Underpaid   A Brief History of the Law In 2008, Florida legislatures revised the PIP statute which created a mandatory reservation of $5,000 of the $10,000 PIP benefit for payment to a specific category of providers for...

What is an Examination Under Oath

Examinations Under Oath “EUO” An Examination Under Oath, or “EUO”, is an examination of an auto accident victim that is compelled by their insurance company. An EUO is similar to a deposition in that the victim is required to testify under oath, however there is no...

Peer Review

Peer Review Insurance carriers are able to withhold personal injury protection (“PIP”) payments to medical providers by using several different methods. One such method is the use of peer reviews. Peer reviews of the patients medical records are conducted by...

Public Transportation Accidents

Public Transportation Accidents Use of public transportation by the general public in the state of Florida has been on a steady rise over the past 20 years. Many Florida citizens have turned to public transportation in light of increasing fuel costs. Many of Florida’s...


Who is Florida Litigators and What do we do?

Florida Litigators is a local, independent, experienced Team of professionals serving our Florida communities since 2013. With our extended experience, across multiple disciplines and fields, we fight for our clients to recover benefits and build satisfaction and peace of mind out of legal and claim disputes.

We work with you starting with a free consulation and represent our clients on a Contingency Fee basis. This simply means that we only make money when we make money for you. No hidden fees or recurring costs come out of your pocket. Period.

Comprehensive and Dedicated Legal Representation

Free Consultation with No Strings Attached

Contingency Fee Structure. We don't get paid if you don't get paid. As Simple as that.

Results Driven, Client Satisfaction, before all else.

Experienced and Diverse Team of Professionals

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