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Client satisfaction is one of the top priorities for the attorneys and Team here at Florida Litigators. To help achieve this goal we shape the client experience to fit the requirements and needs of each individual client. From case initiation to full and final conclusion, we take feedback from our clients as the first stepping stone in the process of representing you in and out of the courtroom.

Representation in single incident Personal Injury cases to hundreds of Insurance Claims, the Team at Florida Litigators handles each case as the top priority that each of our clients expects it to be. We represent individuals and clinics alike, but we do it best when you tell us what You need and then designing a strategy to achieve your goals and obtain the best possible resolution.

The first step is a Free Consultation where we can talk and help identify how Florida Litigators can assist you. Give us your feedback and we will give you the best representation you deserve.


Who is Florida Litigators and What do we do?

Florida Litigators is a local, independent, experienced Team of professionals serving our Florida communities since 2013. With our extended experience, across multiple disciplines and fields, we fight for our clients to recover benefits and build satisfaction and peace of mind out of legal and claim disputes.

We work with you starting with a free consulation and represent our clients on a Contingency Fee basis. This simply means that we only make money when we make money for you. No hidden fees or recurring costs come out of your pocket. Period.

Comprehensive and Dedicated Legal Representation

Free Consultation with No Strings Attached

Contingency Fee Structure. We don't get paid if you don't get paid. As Simple as that.

Results Driven, Client Satisfaction, before all else.

Experienced and Diverse Team of Professionals

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