Who is Florida Litigators and What do we do?

Florida Litigators is a local, independent, experienced Team of legal professionals serving our Florida communities since 2013. With our extended experience, across multiple disciplines and fields of experience, we fight for our clients to recover benefits and build satisfaction and peace of mind out of legal and claim disputes.

We work with you starting with a free consultation and represent our clients on a Contingency Fee basis. This simply means that we only make money when we make money for you. No hidden fees or recurring costs come out of your pocket. Period.

Comprehensive and Dedicated Legal Representation

Free Consultation with No Strings Attached

Contingency Fee Structure. We don't get paid if you don't get paid. As Simple as that.

Results Driven with Client Satisfaction before all else.

Experienced and Diverse Team of Professionals

Our Areas of Practice

Credit Dispute and Repair

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We dispute credit report information on our client’s behalf and demand that inaccurate, incomplete, and stale information be removed. If the credit bureaus and/or the furnishers reporting the data do not appropriately address the disputed information {or “claimed disputes”} within 30 days we can then begin legal proceedings on behalf of our clients. Click the Icon above to learn more.

Security Deposit Recovery

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We sue landlords to recover security deposits and take cases on a contingency fee basis. In some cases Clients have been  awarded damages equating to three times the amount of the original security deposit. There are no out-of-pocket expenses to our clients.   Call or contact us any time for a free consultation. Click the Above Icon to learn more.

Credit Card Debt Lawyers

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We defend people who have been sued on old credit card debt. Companies like Midland Funding, Cavalry SPV, Jefferson Capital Systems, and Portfolio Recovery buy old debt and try to collect with little or no documentation of the underlying contract, payment history, or the chain of assignment. We defend these cases at no cost to our clients. Click the Above Icon to learn more.

PIP Personal Injury Protection

Insurance Claim Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers

Debt Collection Harassment

Serving and Empowering our Clients since 2013

Free consultation. No strings attached. No recurring charges. Let us discuss with you how we can assist.

Branching out on his own, Jonathan Phillips started Florida Litigators with the intent to address the claims and issues that other, bigger firms, chose to pass on. After a few short years and multiple growth spurts, the Team grew and expanded with our clients and their needs. From starting off with an idea and a handful of files, Jonathan and the attorneys at Florida Litigators have now helped and resolved thousands of cases and recovered millions in benefits for our clients. All without charging a single client or patient anything out of pocket. Call us for a your free consultation at any time.

“There are no small cases. Any matter can mean the world to the client.” – Jonathan Phillips, Esq.

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