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Personal Injury Protection Generally

Personal Injury Protection, also known as “PIP”, is a term of reference for “Florida No Fault Insurance”. PIP insurance provides coverage to drivers and some other individuals that are covered under an auto insurance policy for personal injuries that arise from car accidents. The coverage extends benefits up to the limits of the auto policy whether or not an individual is at fault for their auto accident or not.

Anyone who has had their claim for these benefits denied unlawfully or in bad faith stands to gain from hiring an experienced and knowledgeable auto insurance attorney.

Florida PIP

Florida law makers have passed legislation that requires every driver that has a registered vehicle in the state to carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage. The No Fault Statute in Florida requires each driver to maintain PIP and property damage liability. The minimum PIP coverage that each drive must have under the Statute is $10,000.00.

PIP in Florida also extends to provide coverage to the driver’s other individuals that are lawfully operating their vehicle, relatives and some other passengers that do not have their own PIP coverage and do not own a vehicle. Under the Statute, PIP coverage includes medical benefits, death benefits and disability benefits.

The coverage from PIP only covers bills up to the limits in the insurance policy. Any injuries that an individual sustains that end up requiring treatment that exceeds the policies coverage will result in the remainder of the expenses being paid out of pocket. It is also important to know that an individual will likely be required to pay a deductible before a insurance provider pays any benefits under the policy.

Procedure for Filing a PIP Claim

According to Florida Statutes, and most auto insurance policies, written notice of an auto accident is required as soon as reasonably possible after the accident occurs. The insurance provider is required to pay your benefits for any injuries sustained within 30 days after they were given written notice of a claim that is covered under the policy.

Some claims may still be excluded form PIP coverage, including conduct by the injured person that contributed to the injuries, injuries to a person driving without permission from the vehicle owner and injuries in an accident while committing a felony.

Handling of Denied Claims

Insurance companies regularly find reasons to deny claims by persons covered under PIP. Some of the more common reasons for denial include untimely payment of insurance premiums, suspicion that the injury was preexisting, claim that the injury was due to fraud, or that the injury is excluded from coverage because of a specific provision in the insurance policy.

If your claim has been denied by an insurance company, it is important to hire an attorney that is experienced in insurance law. If your claim was unlawfully denied or your car insurance carrier acted in bad faith, hiring the right attorney can be crucial to ensuring that the proper legal action is taken. Consulting with a Florida Litigators attorney is a great first step receiving the benefits that you deserve.

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