Walmart Reaches Settlement with Tracy Morgan over Truck Accident

In June of 2014, a Walmart truck, driven by a sleep deprived driver smashed into a limo in New Jersey. The crash killed one passenger and severely injured three others including Tracy Morgan. The accident became national news when the severity of Morgan’s injuries became known to the public.

The horrible accident shed light on the threat that sleep deprived truck drivers present to the public safety. In this case, it was later discovered that the driver of the truck was operating the vehicle after being awake for more than 24 hours. Further investigation revealed that it is not uncommon for truck drivers to make long trips on very little sleep due to pressure from their employers to meet deadlines. While driving while tired is always dangerous, doing it while operating a vehicle that is many times larger than most cars on the road can be especially devastating. Many times when trucks of this size collide with other smaller vehicles, the result is death or sever injury for those in the smaller vehicle, as was the case with Morgan.

Due to the severity of the injuries that are caused when trucks collide with other vehicles the medical care and compensation needed is often very high. The minimum insurance for these trucks that is required, however, is only $750,000. This total would not have come close to covering all of the medical treatment that was needed among those that were injured in the crash involving Morgan. Luckily for Morgan and the others injured in the crash, the coverage was enough to provide the injured parties with what they needed.

Though Morgan and the others involved in the crash received what they needed, many other victims of these crashes have not been so lucky. When you are injured in a crash that involves a truck, hiring the right attorney can make all the difference in making sure that you receive the care that you deserve. Insurance companies commonly only offer the minimum that are allowed to by law and can leave injured parties needing more. Without proper representation, truck accident victims may suffer a greater loss than they need to.

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