Public Transportation Accidents

Use of public transportation by the general public in the state of Florida has been on a steady rise over the past 20 years. Many Florida citizens have turned to public transportation in light of increasing fuel costs. Many of Florida’s major cities have responded to this growing demand by adding bus and train options that allow many to save money by not driving. The benefits of public transportation extend beyond the expenses that are saved by many commuters. Reduction of carbon monoxide emissions and traffic are some of the advantages that have caused many major municipalities to develop public transit options that are more appealing to motorists.

The steady increase in public transit options has caused a proportionate increase in the number of accidents involving public transportation vehicles. Accidents involving these large vehicles are often devastating due to their sheer size in proportion to most other vehicles. In many cases, determining who is liable for injuries that result from these accidents can be very difficult. There is very rarely one single factor that can be pointed to as the reason for the accident. Though public transportation has proven to be a generally safe option for travel, there have been common factors that put the transportation providers at fault. Some of those include negligence of the driver, insufficient training of the driver, failure to comply with safety protocol, operation of defective equipment, and many others.

There are several important considerations that should be made when you are injured while riding in a public vehicle such as a bus or train car. Most of the public transportation systems in Florida are owned and managed by local governments. Passengers who are injured has a cause of action against these entities if they bring their claim forward before the four year statute of limitations runs. It is also important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after being involved in one of these accidents. If you are injured and incur medical bills and lost wages due to the fault of the transportation provider, you are entitled to be made whole for those losses.

Hiring effective and experienced legal counsel after any such accident is absolutely crucial given how complex determining fault can become. Proving that you are entitled to compensation for your losses can become a very painstaking task. Public transportation operators are likely to attempt to raise any one of the aforementioned factors to distract from the real cause of the accident in cases where they are at fault. An aggressive legal strategy is often essential to making sure that you receive the compensation you deserve. After receiving medical attention, consult an attorney at Florida Litigators, PLLC to make sure that you take the proper legal action and receive the restitution that you deserve.

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