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Has your insurance claim been denied, delayed, or underpaid?

At Florida Litigators our insurance claim attorneys work for you, the policyholder or receiver of an assignment of benefits.  Since 2013 our lawyers have been pursuing compensation from insurance companies for our clients when they have met resistance after filing claims.  So far, we have investigated, reviewed, and audited over 15,000 insurance claims and litigated over 5,000 cases for our clients, building a strong track record of success.  Here at Florida Litigators our policy is that all insurance claim matters are taken on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no out of pocket expenses to our clients.  We only get paid if you win, and in the event your claim is unsuccessful, you are not responsible for our fees or costs. It’s as simple as that.

Has your insurance claim been addressed in a timely manner?

When policyholders pay insurance premiums, they have the reasonable expectation the insurance company will pay valid claims in the event of a loss in a timely manner. However, many times the claims process does not go as expected and insurance companies fall short, and the policyholder is left holding the bill.  It is possible that you will not receive a fair offer in response to your claim, or the claim will be denied completely.  In other situations, the insurance company will state that your claim is going to be paid in a timely manner, but delays can turn days into weeks, weeks into months, or months into years.  In most cases during the claims process, policyholders find they are working ‘with’ an insurance adjuster from the claims department with only a cursory knowledge of the policyholder and a directive to save money for the company and not the agent with whom they have developed a relationship with.

Does it feel like your Insurance Carrier is working in your best interest?

Insurance claims adjusters’ primary duties include evaluating claims, assessing risk, and deciding how much (or little) policyholders are entitled to.  They are experts at protecting the interests of the insurance company first and the policyholder second.  An unfortunate reality of the insurance claim process is the insurance company makes more money when it denies, delays, and underpays claims.

Has your Insurance Carrier raised disputes against your legitimate claim?

Disputes often arise when an insurance company completely denies a valid claim.  In some cases, insurance companies make a practice of denying legitimate claims and only investigate after legal action is taken.  In many cases insurance companies will routinely offer less compensation in damages than a policyholder is entitled and only pay fair value when a policyholder is represented by an attorney.  Sometimes, the insurance claim remains open in limbo, and it can seem like the insurance company will not help address your claim in a timely manner. Consequently, getting a lawyer involved will prompt the insurance company to move the claim forward.

We can help ensure you receive the benefits you have paid for.

Our Team here at Florida Litigators have extensive experience in reading and interpreting contracts of insurance and making sure you get the benefits of the policy you have paid for.  Often in the claims process the insurance company first disputes liability and once that hurdle is overcome and coverage is established, the insurance company may move to dispute damages.  Insurance policies are long and sometimes confusing documents (often by design), which often results in important provisions that are buried in legalese or parts of the policy may conflict with itself. These contracts are usually designed to benefit the insurance company first and the policyholder second.

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Who is Florida Litigators and What do we do?

Florida Litigators is a local, independent, experienced Team of professionals serving our Florida communities since 2013. With our extended experience, across multiple disciplines and fields, we fight for our clients to recover benefits and build satisfaction and peace of mind out of legal and claim disputes.

We work with you starting with a free consulation and represent our clients on a Contingency Fee basis. This simply means that we only make money when we make money for you. No hidden fees or recurring costs come out of your pocket. Period.

Comprehensive and Dedicated Legal Representation

Free Consultation with No Strings Attached

Contingency Fee Structure. We don't get paid if you don't get paid. As Simple as that.

Results Driven, Client Satisfaction, before all else.

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