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Having trouble with your homeowners insurance?

Our Lawyers represent policy holders in disputes with their homeowner’s insurance companies. We guide clients through the legal process to achieve positive resolutions to their cases.  Our clients have paid their premiums and expected the insurance companies to pay and defend their claims.  However, insurance companies often refuse to pay, delay payment, won’t pay enough, or fail to defend.

Homeowners insurance policies are a combination of liability insurance and property insurance. Under the terms of a typical policy, the insurance company must provide a legal defense if another person sues the homeowner for an injury that occurs on the property. Some homeowners insurance disputes involve the insurance company’s failure to defend the homeowner from these so-called third-party liability claims.  Our lawyers can help when the insurance company fails to defend.

Other disputes arise over delayed denied or underpaid claims for payment for property damage caused by fire, wind, sinkholes, theft, vandalism or other causes.  If you have a homeowner’s insurance claim that has been denied or undervalued, our lawyers can help.  Contact us for a complimentary consultation.  We may be able to help you file a claim to recover full compensation for loses.  Our lawyers will examine your policy to determine your coverage and evaluate what payments the company is required to make under the given circumstances.

Dealing with an insurance company can be difficult.  The process of filing and actually collecting on insurance claims is not an easy task.  Homeowners Insurance companies rely on policy holders giving up, especially after being denied benefits.  It is our goal to simply the process of disputing homeowners’ insurance claims for our clients and to maximize the amount available under the insurance policy.

Legal actions are often brought in Florida against insurance companies when valid claims are denied, reduced, paid out at a lower than expected level, or even been completely ignored. Our Lawyers, can help you fight to receive proper insurance compensation from your insurance company. Although it is just business to the insurance company we understand our clients can experience stress and financial strain We look through all of the details to determine what options you have available. We conduct a thorough investigation of the damaged or lost property so a fair evaluation can be calculated.

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Our firm has handled thousands of insurance claims and litigated hundreds of lawsuits to successful conclusion on behalf of our clients.  We take cases on hourly, flat fee, contingent, and hybrid contracts.  Insurance companies deny, delay, and don’t pay.  Get a lawyer on your side with a proven track record.  Consultations are complementary. Contact us to find out, give us a call at 844-529-8444 to speak directly with a lawyer..

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