The insurance claims process at times can be frustrating and seem to be at a standstill.  Dealing with insurance companies can be more comfortable when guided by a Lawyer that understands how a claim department functions and the duties and responsibilities of the insurance company.  Our law firm can aid with the entire claims process through litigation.  Our lawyers help gather the necessary documentation to prove coverage and damages.


Our lawyers help to protect your rights under the insurance policy and maximize recovery.  Insurance adjusters use various methods to get quick settlements and pay insureds less than they are entitled to. The methods employed to investigate, negotiate, and settle disputed claims are usually lawful, however sometimes they may fall into gray areas, or even be unfair claims practices.

Insurance companies often ask to take statements.  Only certain insurance policies require claimants to make statements.  Our lawyers can determine if you are required to make a statement under the insurance contract and consult with you prior to giving any statements.  Insurance companies like to process claims when lawyers are not involved.  This is because when a lawyer becomes involved the price tag of the claim goes up, the claim becomes more complicated to handle, and its likely to stay open longer and may be litigated when the insurance company refuses to pay full compensation. Before making a statement to an insurance company you should contact a Florida Insurance Lawyer.


Insurance regulations require insurance companies to pay valid claims in good faith willingly, promptly, and properly.  Insurance companies sometimes have legitimate reasons for denying claims. When an insurance claim is made an adjuster has duties to confirm the policy and coverage, investigate and determine the cause of loss.

If you have made an insurance claim and the insurance company is refusing to pay in good faith by denying, delaying, or undervaluing your claim our Florida Insurance Lawyers can help you with your insurance claim.  If you believe your insurance company has practiced bad faith insurance or has denied your insurance claim contrary to terms and conditions of your policy, our Florida Insurance Lawyers can enforce you rights.

Florida Statutes define bad faith by an insurance company as acting under all the circumstances dishonestly, unfairly towards the insured, or not attempting to settle claims in good faith.   Insurance companies are required to adjust a claim within a reasonable period of time; cooperate with claimants through dealings; as well as state the exact reasons claims are being denied and citing to policy provisions.

Insurer liability for bad faith, unfair or predatory claims practices can arise in the insurer-insured relationship and the insured-claimant relationship.  If you believe your insurance company has acted in bad faith, you may be entitled to extra damages.  Any unreasonable conduct by the claims department of an insurance company that results in the delay or rejection of an otherwise payable insurance benefits may constitute bad faith conduct.

Bad faith can occur when insurance companies breach their implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, engaged in false advertising, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, fail to settle within policy limits, refuse to defend or indemnify, improperly investigated or evaluate claims, or provide an inadequate defense.

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