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Avoid losing PIP benefits

PATIENTS MUST UNDERSTAND THESE RULES TO AVOID LOOSING MEDICAL BENEFITS The Florida legislature has made changes to the law. The changes allowed insurance companies to change the way that personal injury protection (PIP) are administered to their policy holders. PIP...
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What is an Examination Under Oath

Examinations Under Oath “EUO” An Examination Under Oath, or “EUO”, is an examination of an auto accident victim that is compelled by their insurance company. An EUO is similar to a deposition in that the victim is required to testify under oath, however there is no...
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Independent Medical Examination One of the most common tactics employed by the insurance companies is called an Independent Medical Examination or “IME”. An IME is a medical examination that is conducted by a physician that is selected by the insurance company on a...
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Emergency Medical Providers

Emergency Medical Providers Key to not being Underpaid   A Brief History of the Law In 2008, Florida legislatures revised the PIP statute which created a mandatory reservation of $5,000 of the $10,000 PIP benefit for payment to a specific category of providers for...
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Emergency Medical Condition

Importance of an EMC in Florida for PIP coverage Under Florida law, Florida motorists are required to have a minimum $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage as part of their auto insurance policy. Having PIP coverage does not always guarantee that the...
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Exhaustion of PIP Benefits

Insurance companies claiming that personal injury protection benefits have been exhausted may still be obligated to pay certain claims. Insurance companies commonly rely on the exhaustion rule to deny outstanding claims for PIP. Once an insurance company has paid all...
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Peer Review

Peer Review Insurance carriers are able to withhold personal injury protection (“PIP”) payments to medical providers by using several different methods. One such method is the use of peer reviews. Peer reviews of the patients medical records are conducted by...
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PIP Attorney

Florida PIP Attorney Contact Florida Litigators PLLC for a free review of your car insurance claim in Florida. Our Lawyers are knowledgeable on all aspects of Florida insurance law.  Call Florida Litigators PLLC to discuss your PIP claim denials, reductions, and...
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No such thing as an IME – independent medical examination

There is No Such Thing as an Independent Medical Examination  When someone is injured in a car accident and requires medical attention, an insurance company will likely being paying for at least some of the medical bills. Certain tools are available to insurance...
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